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Misconception of Flouride

First, what is Flouride? According to Medical News Today, fluoride is “the 13th most abundant element on the earth’s crust, is a chemical ion of the element fluorine – fluoride has one extra electron that gives it a negative charge.”

What are the uses of fluoride? Supposedly it decreases tooth decay, makes safe drinking water, etc. However, there are numerous of studies showing that is not the case. Negative just like how it states it’s a negative charge. Fluoride is not use in other countries such as European countries and there has not been a rise in tooth decays or dental issues. This only proves it is not needed.

As humans who live our lives day by day not knowing everything that is going on and can only trust what the “doctors” say, it seems to be we are never safe. And then we begin to wonder if there is evidence that fluoride is obviously not good for us than why continuously to have it in dental offices, water bottle companies keep adding fluoride to their water (and the plastic is already hazardous but that’s another story), and we chew fluoride because it’s even in our foods like highly processed snacks. It just seems we can’t get away. what if it’s true fluoride also lowers children IQs? It’s true!

Flouride bottle companies

There are a couple of resources that you may want to check out to find out more info about this topic.  Medical News Today and Global Research will not shy away from you giving you facts and hardcore evidence.

Some solutions would be to change your toothpaste. Don’t go for the big brands and what you’re use to. Go to health stores like Trader’s Joes and Whole Foods market and purchase natural products without hazardous side effects. Tom’s is great toothpaste that performs the job very well and even better. Without the fluoride, you’ll most likely experience longer lasting fresh breath. Theres a side effect for you that’s best. Continue to take the time out to be more health conscious and read up! Read and question about everything that is displayed through media. This is just to warn you and become aware. This is another change you can make to protect your health and your families.

Say no to fluoridation.



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