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My Natural Sistas: Perfect Eyebrow Tutorial


Hey Naturalistas!

I have a problem. If you’re like me, then you too have been struggling trying to get the perfect eyebrows that we all know and love.  I went to M.A.C, and tried the eyebrow shading powder, but I have yet to obtain the results that I’m looking for.  I was on YouTube last night, and I came across this really cool and easy tutorial on how to perfect and shade in your eyebrows to obtain that flawless look. I’m on my way to CVS now to get the materials, and I’ll post my review from the video in another blog post.



1. Maybelline Define-a-Brown (dark blonde & medium brown)

2. Covergirl Invisible Liquid concealer (medium)

3. Q-tips or  Concealer brush

4. Eyelash or Eyebrow bush

What methods do you ladies use to perfect your eyebrows?



What do you think?