My Solution for Humidity…Wand Curls 101

My Solution for Humidity…Wand Curls 101

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I don’t know about you, but the level of humidity outside always poses an issue for me in styling my hair. In the summer months, before even attempting to do my hair, I promptly check the weather app on my phone to see how much of a challenge humidity is going to be for me on that particular day, and I style my hair accordingly. For those of you who face this same issue, you already know that straight hair, and high levels of humidity do not mix. So on days where the humidity level is in my personal danger zone, I always choose to curl my hair instead. Two of my favorite ways to curl my hair involve the use of the curling iron and the increasingly popular wand. Although they create completely different looks, they are both excellent options for switching up your look.  Below, I’ve included a chart that outlines my opinion of the pros and cons of each (click to enlarge).



Since I use the wand everyday, it never quite occurred to me that other people might not know how to actually use a wand. My personal wand is a CONAIR Infiniti “Power of the Pink” wand (breast cancer edition). However, there are many other brands that also make similar models.

DSC02409 copy


The wand is composed of two main parts, the handle which allows for temperature control, and what I’ll refer to as the barrel; the part of the wand that gets hot, that you’ll wrap your hair around to create your curls.

DSC02404 copy DSC02410 copy

As described in the chart above, one of my favorite aspects of the wand is how quick and easy it is to use. You simply tilt the barrel of the wand downward and wrap sections of your hair around the barrel. When using the wand on high temperatures (I always set mine to 400 degrees) be sure not to leave your hair wrapped around the barrel for longer than about six seconds, to avoid heat damage. As I also mentioned in the chart, the wand is great for creating tight curls. Although you have the option of leaving the curls as they are, and combing them out, I always comb mine out using a wide-tooth comb. I suggest curling your hair in small sections as seen in my demonstration below. Using larger sections creates curls that are less defined, and in my opinion…less appealing; however, everyone is entitled to their own preferences.

DSC02397 DSC02399


Now for the final look!


Here is a recent picture of my hair after I wand curled it…


Below is a picture of my hair using the curling iron…yes, it appears that I was in the middle of a serious hair flip.

photo-26 copy

As I’ve said, the two methods create two very different looks. Although most people are more familiar with the curling iron, which has been around for decades, hopefully I have introduced a new curling method that can find its way into your hair styling repertoire.


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