Natura Chats With Celebrity Natural Hairstylist Felicia Leatherwood!

Natura Chats With Celebrity Natural Hairstylist Felicia Leatherwood!

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Natura Magazine has teamed up with the lovely and very talented Felicia Leatherwood.  Felicia is a celebrity natural hairstylist, expert, educator, and what I would like to call a true “natural hair guru”.  Fueled by her passion for uplifting and inspiring women to love their hair, Felicia has joined us to share her expertise on natural hair, and educate you on how to manage and maintain your hair.  Felicia will be answering all your natural hair questions on Instagram (#FeliciaFriday), on Friday’s, starting April 4th.  Also she will be blogging on various natural hair topics starting this Friday April 4th.

If you have questions for Felicia, please comment at the bottom of this post, and we will make sure to get them answered for you.

Natura sat down with Felicia to get to know more about her, her thoughts on natural hair, and what she will be bringing to Natura Magazine. Check out her responses below, and let us know what you think!





Natura: How long have you been doing hair professionally?

 Felicia Leatherwood:  I’ve been doing hair professionally for at least about fourteen years now.  I’ve done hair since I was a teenager, but in terms of professional, with my license I started working at a salon called Millennium back in 2000 and that really opened up a lot of doors in terms of my career working with celebrities. I was the only natural hair stylist in the salon so it was a celebrity based salon and they would come in and I would do their natural hair, so it’s been about fourteen years now and I love it!

Natura: What inspired your passion for natural hair?

 Felicia Leatherwood: I just always liked natural hair! I always really liked the kink, the curls and just how they felt in my hands. When I would braid hair I just… I don’t know I always loved it!  I loved the way it felt.  I was always really curious and mesmerized by the way our hair curls tightly, but then it stretches long, so I don’t know, it’s just been always kind of fun working with natural hair because it gives you your own unique look! Nobody looks the same with natural hair.  Everybody looks individually unique.

Natura: What is hair empowerment?

Felicia Leatherwood: Well, there’s hair empowerment and then there’s self-empowerment! I really believe that hair empowerment comes from feeling confident with yourself, so it would start with self-first! I think in terms of hair empowerment maybe when the women come together at events and meet-ups, they may feel a certain type of empowerment from seeing all the other naturalistas, so I can kind of see hair empowerment actually being something that is felt in the room when your among other beautiful naturalistas that feel confident.

Natura: What do you believe are common misconceptions about natural hair?

 Felicia Leatherwood: Well, there are a lot of misconceptions about natural hair!  A lot of people believe that our hair doesn’t grow, mostly because it just shrinks back a lot! There are a lot of women who feel that their hair does not retain moisture, or can’t have moisture and you really just have to just know the techniques for moisture! There are also a lot of myths about how to grow hair.  Some women want to use beer, some people use onions, some women use garlic. Different things on the scalp… not saying that it won’t work but it doesn’t work for everybody.  I think one of the biggest misconceptions about our hair is a lot of times when people see women who are brown, they think that they all have the same kind of kinky hair, and its not true no two heads are alike.

Natura: Why do you feel that it is important for women to educate themselves on their hair?

 Felicia Leatherwood: I think that it goes back to the hair empowerment. I think when you know more about your hair that you do feel more empowered to do your own hairstyles, and take care of your hair better.

Natura: What can readers expect from you and your blog posts on

 Felicia Leatherwood: From me, I would hope that readers will get more educated and really start to learn more about their hair, so that they feel more comfortable to try different products, and do different styles on their hair. So, I’m hoping what I can add to Natura’s awesome online magazine is just the education part for women to really understand how to care for their hair and be able to trust the process and be patient.

 Natura: Who is Felicia Leatherwood:

 Felicia Leatherwood: I am confident. I am funny. I am a little crazy just because I am always doing 50 million things between travelling and workshops and hair. I am somebody who enjoys ice cream and I really like being outside in nature.  I really enjoy the sunshine, and I love to laugh.  I love being around people who love to laugh and have fun. I like positivity. I like spiritually uplifting books. I love spiritually uplifting people.  I think at the end of the day, I’m somebody that loves to be around people who love themselves, and have great positive conversation.

 Natura: What is one piece of advice that you have for women transitioning back to natural?

 Felicia Leatherwood: It really goes back to the patience. Patience is everything. You have to have patience with yourself and the process. Also, if you’re going to use YouTube as your guide, make sure that you find someone who has your texture of hair.  Because if you don’t, you’re going to disillusion yourself and you’re going to be looking at the wrong thing when it comes to knowing the knowledge of your hair.  Find three hairstyles that you really enjoy, and that you feel can be your staple hairstyles as you play with other hairstyles because you know they work for you. Find three products that you really enjoy. Keep a staple of three things that you know will for sure work for you and if you don’t know what works for you, stay tuned to Natura Magazine online, and I’ll be posting every Friday. You will get some great advice from me as well as the magazine itself will give you a lot of great advice so that you will be able to figure it out.   Write to us! We have #FeliciaFridays on Instagram and write to Natura and tell them what it is that you would like to know when it comes to your natural hair. So, patience and confidence are the key things and keep staying tuned to Natura Magazine.





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