Natura Designer Spotlight: Parker XL

Natura Designer Spotlight: Parker XL

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Known as a distinguished stylist, editor, and designer. Parker is a force to be reckoned with. His unparalleled  style, and knowledge of his craft has set apart from others in the industry, and has placed in the fast lane to stardom. Natura Magazine had the opportunity to chat with Parker to learn more about him.  Check out our interview below…

Natura: How/ when did you become interested in fashion?

 Parker: My life within fashion has had a wild world wind, I never really had a passion for fashion nor interest…. In junior high I had to take sewing 101 in order to graduate Junior. high school, I was completely uninterested in the class, a week before finals my teacher warned me to turn in my final project or I’d fail the class and be held back! so I stayed after school to work on the project and I couldn’t understand the pattern so I just started draping the material making a dress instead of the attended hoody I wanted to make, every girl in my graduating class wanted me to make them one for the dance, and I realized there was a business opportunity behind that…, No more looking for  a summer job I created one for myself!

 Natura: Tell us about your origins?… How did you get started?

 Parker: Fashion/art found an interest within me at 14 yrs old, I then took the talent god blessed me with and shared it , throwing fashion shows every three months, my old clothing line Coutur’e Parks Designz made a name for itself  being more known for the accessories I made to accompany my designs in shoots or runway shows, I then left the apparel design business and focused on my accessories, shortly after being put into the Astrup stores, with my jewelry/accessories being a huge success word started to spread I was then invited to bring some pieces to the “all around the world tour” green room  with Diggy Simmons, Omg Girlz, Lil Chuckee to then having the opportunity of having my work worn by  Omg Girlz, Lil Chuckee in addition to wardrobe styling Lil Chuckee for that event. Soon after finding a passion/interest with wardrobe styling being asked to help artist/designers/family & friends with their style and brand identity .

Natura: Tell us about your personal battle with self-expression growing up?

Parker: Growing up I was always an artist, I saw magic in everything from the human body to abstract painting on the wall, after embracing my blessing from god I soon after discovered a lot of people had issues on how I expressed my self, if you’re not in “norm” you are weird….especially  Boy’s, to me, growing up were very, very petty and didn’t want me to succeed and didn’t want the best for me, Im seeing  a change though in teenagers now that kid that is a wierdo/alien is now celebrated in todays society, they are seen as the “cool kid” for there individualism.

Parcs and Parker Preview

Natura: How would you describe your personal style?

Parker: My Style Is The Urban Sophisticate, I keep an urban edge with my classy sophistication look.

Natura: Who is Parker?

 Parker: Parker is an alien transplant from Illinois, living in Minnesota to now being represented by Tier Management in New York, I work daily in the fashion world from visual merchandising, creative directing, wardrobe styling and developing my own independent menswear line, This industry can be crazy one moment you’re hot the next you’re not!, you have possible A-List  opportunities and sometimes they fall through, but when it all works out you remember why you have Passion for what you do. My ambition comes from my mother she’s an unbelievable person who balanced her life as a single mother and a health care employee. I watched her my whole life. she helped with every sewing machine, every mannequin growing up, I don’t know how she did it, but she was there. We had family dinners. And my mom was the busiest working person you’ve ever met. I don’t come from a family of slackers but I do come from a family of doers, which has played a huge role on my career.

 Natura: Who are your favorite designers in the industry?

 Parker: My favorite designers currently are Lauren Payton for the simple fact her designs keep me on the best dress list,Bert Keeter because of his simplistic-timeless gowns, Marianna Harutunian because her head pieces always deliver! , Anna Sui contemporary edge is just always interesting , Alexander Mcqueen always slays the runway with every garment.

Recent Parker

 Natura: Who would you love to design a custom piece for? 

 Parker: Being an accessory designer turned wardrobe stylist I have so many artist im inspired by, for my wardrobe styling career I would really enjoy styling Iggy Azalea her look is like a chameleon you can mold her into any look and it works!, Id love to design a mens wear bag for John Legend he is just a classic within knowing his brand identity.

 Natura: Tell us about Parcs & Parker?

 Parker: Parcs & Parker is a new mens wear line i’m developing which was expected to be released in March but do to my respect to my fan’s,supporters I just can’t release something until I’m fully happy with it so its new release date is July 15th, it ranges from briefcases to pocket squares, bow ties, clutches, ties, lapel pins, I want to convey confidence and strength within the collection the guy thats going to wear my clothing is very sure of himself and want’s a good statement piece.

 Natura: What demographic are you trying to reach with your line?

 Parker: 18-40+ stylish men that aren’t afraid to challenge the male fashion norm, The guy that will wear an accessory and not let it wear him.

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 Natura: What kind of impact do you want to make on the fashion industry?

Parker: Well within my styling career I have challenged the fashion worlds idea of beauty recently I did a shoot with Fashion Odds Magazine and Chris McDuffie called Back To Black featuring 12 influential african-american women some of which are mothers, cancer patients, public figures, but in one image they all looked so strong and empowering as well as beautiful! , I challenge any stylist/designer to use an everyday person going through issues rather it be social,health,creed, and make them see the impact/beauty they have on the people around them, anyone can make a size 0 model look beautiful and a garment sale thats their job…. , but what impact is that having on the world ? or fashion industry ? . My end all goal is to challenge the social norm within the fashion industry and bring more humanity to an  image.

 Natura: What do you want the world to know about you?

Parker: I want the world to know that I am a hard-worker, know matter which lane I propel into within my creative direction I always make magic and have substance behind my work, People should also know that every project we as stylist/designers work on isn’t all just us, its the photographer, the assistants, the makeup/hair team that all make it possible, an idea is only an idea without the proper execution, so I value and respect every person I work with, which I feel should be a quality in every industry.

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 Natura: What can we expect from you in the future?

Parker: More amazing concepts that will be published in the New York Times, Vogue, Fashion Odds , W. and talked about on every major news station. The current concept i’m working on will definitely change the world, quote me on that.

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