Natural Hair Calls for Natural Treatments, and Aloe Vera is the Answer!

Natural Hair Calls for Natural Treatments, and Aloe Vera is the Answer!

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You’re probably used to seeing this soothing ingredient in skincare products, but aloe vera can also work wonders on hair. The ancient plant helps promote hair growth, tames frizz, conditions and acts as a cleanser.

How can one plant do all this? Aloe vera is a nutritional powerhouse. It is full of vitamins, minerals, polysaccharides, fatty acids, anthraquinones and essential amino acids. The gel also has humectant qualities, which seals in moisture, and keeps frizz to a minimum.

The biggest thing to note is these ingredients each boast qualities that help natural hair stay smooth and lustrous. The fatty acids have antiseptic qualities and anthraquinones are believed to have antibacterial properties. Sounds like the start of a great hair cleanser.

If you’ve suffered from hair loss or breakage, aloe vera may help. With the help of important vitamins and minerals, aloe vera can promote strong and healthy hair. Because of its pH-balancing and cleansing properties, it keeps the scalp clean and hair follicles clear.

Before you head out to your closest drugstore to stock up on aloe vera shampoo, conditioner and styling products, consider getting your aloe straight from the plant. Fresh aloe gel can be mixed with a few other ingredients, like essential oils and coconut milk, to create a powerful hair treatment. The bonus: It’ll be free of preservatives or other hard-to-pronounce ingredients. If you don’t live in a dry climate, you can grow aloe vera in a pot indoors or find individual leaves at Asian markets and some natural food stores.

Check out this infographic on Aloe Vera. It goes through the history and uses around the globe for the plant. I bet you will find even more uses for this amazing plant than you thought possible!
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