Natural Hair Meetup of Oakland

Natural Hair Meetup of Oakland

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Moving. Incredible. Empowering. All words that describe International Meetup Day in Oakland. Since this was my first INHMD, I had no idea what to expect, but whatever expectations I did have were blown out of the water.

I wanted to share some event highlights with you all and also introduce you to some of the wonderful women I met at the event.

– Highlights –

The day consisted of 3 speakers, a natural song writing contest, giveaways, great food, and amazing conversation. There were close to 100 women (and a few men) in attendance and the room truly bonded over the few short hours we spent together. The ladies of Natural Splendor were wonderful hosts and made all the guests feel right at home. The event was flawless and well planned.

The natural song contest, in which each table of guests had to write and perform a song about natural hair, gave us some amazing one- liners:
– If you like it then you should have put a weave on it
– Come on get knappy
– It’s your hair, do what you wanna do; I can’t tell you how to rock the do

Absolutely hilarious! And the best part: when the competition ended and the entire room broke out in the electric slide. I kid you not. It was a powerful moment to see all these naturalistas let go and celebrate who they truly are.

– INHMD Profiles –

There was no lack of inspiration at the INHMD event. Let me introduce you to a few interesting women who shared with me about their hair journey and experiences.


Myrtie W.


Myrtie W.: student, currently doing dissertation on natural hair movement

Her hair journey has been all about versatility. She enjoys play with styles and having fun.

“Plus, natural hair gets attention!” (I agree!)

Natural hair secret: moisturizing inside and out! Drink lots of water.


Jessie V.



Jessie V.: “I am like Venus: I love hair, makeup, and anything beauty!”

Are you your hair? “I am not my hair… my hair is an expression of how I am feeling!”

Hair care tip: Take care of your body from within; it’s all about a healthy mind, soul, and body.




Naoj A.

Naoj A.: Stay at home mom and ambassador for Natural Splendor

My hair is… “Mine! And it’s fun and easy!”

Hair care tip: Never forget night protection – tie it up and moisturize.

More about Natural Splendor: the products were designed by Noaj and her sisters because they wanted a product that worked well for a range of textures. They were developed with the best ingredients, keeping in mind that natural hair is not a fad.


Tasha C.

Tasha C.: Health minded naturalista, proud home owner, and active community worker

Hair Evolution: Jerry Curl –> Big Chop —> [life event] –> Big Chop

Current Hair Style: Recently Tasha did a big chop because she finds it liberating. She has gone through several life events that have lead her to chopping off all of her locks.

The hair cut symbolized shedding of old and allowing for positive change and new growth.”


Sharon C.

Sharon C.: “I love to dance!”

About the hair: Sharon loves natural products. She transitioned to a natural style and is happy that it allows for her to live a more active lifestyle.

Moment of change: Sharon saw that her hair was thinning. She took a good look at what was in her products and began to her journey to find natural products that fit her lifestyle.



More photos and interviews to come in later posts. If you attended your local INHMD, share your experiences below!

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