Natural Hair, Winter Care: Don’t Get Tangled Up!

Natural Hair, Winter Care: Don’t Get Tangled Up!

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Written by Shanti Terry

When the winter comes, all sorts of problems can arise with natural hair. It may get dry, it may get brittle, and it can be very difficult to deal with if not cared for well. Dryness can be easily combatted by adding in a few extra moisturizing treatments, or a great sealant and heavier products. Still, what does one do about tangles? Dry hair is bad enough all on it’s own, but tangled, dry hair is more likely to snap off and break than others. A simple solution to keeping your hair tangle free this winter season is: MARSHMALLOW ROOT WATER.


Why Marshmallow Root?

Marshmallow root is one of those lovely mucus-releasing plants. It secretes a thick substance when boiled that is very slippery. When you apply it to your hair, it melts tangles away in a flash. You might not even remember what tangles are once you start incorporating it into your routine. Making a great marshmallow root detangler is as easy as pie and you’ll get great results every time you use it. Just follow the recipe below:


Marshmallow Root Detangler

1 cup of Water

1 Tbsp. of Marshmallow Root

Boil for a full ten minutes. Grab a strainer and pour it through to get rid of all those marshmallow root fragments. Next, add in a few ice cubes to cool your detangler down, pour it into a spray bottle, and go! You’re done. Seriously. How easy is that?


What Else Can You Use It For?

The mixture above has other uses as well. For example, Let’s say you happen to find a conditioner that has great benefits for your hair, but it doesn’t have major slip. Marshmallow Root detangler to the rescue! Pour a bit of it from your spray bottle into your conditioner. Mix it well and presto! Now that conditioner has great slip. You can add your detangler to anything you us in your daily routine that needs more slip. It’s amazing!


Is There Anything Else You Can Use?

Flax Seed and Slippery Elm are two alternatives that can be used to create a detangler or give an existing product more slip. Marshmallow root also comes in a powder form. You can just add it into things rather than boiling I in water if you like! Tray all three of these and see which ones you like best. Don’t get tangled up this winter.


Where Can You Get It?

Marshmallow root can easily be found at your local health food store. Many times it will already be premeasured in little bags. It’s inexpensive, and easy to find.

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