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Naturalia’s Summer Protective Style


Happy Wednesday NATURAlistas !!!

It’s very rare that I blog about myself, but I wanted to share my experience with my summer protective style with you all.  I did the Big Chop in October of 2012, and I’ve been anxiously waiting for my hair to grow, so I could experiment with different styles.  At about the 4-6 month range, I  had enough growth to begin experimenting with Box Braids, and I did that for a couple of months on and off.  This summer I wanted to re-invent my natural look + give my hair a break, so I got my very first weave since cutting  off all my hair in October.

Hair Type:

Bohemian Hair (Brazilian Wave)

Ok so.. when I first had my weave installed, I had every intention to

rock it this long (18 in), but once I walked outside and felt that humid

North Carolina air, I quickly changed my mind.










(* This is how the hair looks before you wet it)

Cost: $ 89.99- 189.99

( It all depends on the length that you desire)


You can really use any product that’s geared towards enhancing curls, but I love Kinky Curly’s Knot Today. It does an excellent job of moisturizing  (with or without the weave), and defining my curls.













My Experience:

I loveeeeeeeee it!! At first I was a little concerned about not leaving any hair out because I wanted it to look natural, but it does and I’m very pleased with the way it turned out. This hair is so easy to manage, and it gives me the funky look that I wanted for the summer.  I literally just wet it,  put my product in it, and it air drys to a beautiful head of curls.  I would definitely recommend this hair to anyone who’s looking for a protective style that is low-maintenance, and fun!!!

Check out some pics below…






































What protective styles are you rocking for the summer?!?





What do you think?