New York Fashion Week!!!!

New York Fashion Week!!!!

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It is always that time of year……………New York Fashion Week!!!. New York Fashion week was taken place on September 4-11. There were live runway shows that included many designers from Betsey Johnson to Zimmerman. I could not wait to do this blog because, one day I wish to go to New York Fashion Week. This would be a great opportunity for everybody to experience. There was more than fifty designers. Many of the designers showed forth great creativity in their work.  Many of the women were wearing pastel colors. Even in the bridal department, they made the bridal wear more edgy with fringes and glitter. One of the designers that stood out to me was Nicole Miller. I really liked her style. You can tell that she didn’t hold back on anything when she was designing. Her style was very creative and elegant. She used a lot of floral patterns and light colors, like white. She also contained a little bit of leather for the edgy look. You can check out her work and if you like any of the clothing, you can even shop on her website at Another designer’s work that I found interesting was Leroy Nguyen. His work was amazing to me and it was very unique. I loved it! Leroy’s designs was very edgy. While watching his models walk down the runway, I noticed the water-color effects that he portrayed in the clothing, this was definitely art and his fashion line was the masterpiece. His work is found One day you will see me at New York Fashion Week! There were so many designers, its hard to include everyone in this blog. You can find out more information on

Leroy Nguyen's fashion linesns-nicole-miller-spring-2014-pg-003 sns-nicole-miller-spring-2014-pg-015


The first picture is Leroy Nguyen’s fashion line

The second and third picture is Nicole Miller’s fashion line

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