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Nicki Minaj: Shows Off Natural Hair on the Red Carpet

With her long brown hair, muted makeup, and modest dresses on red carpets as of late, Nicki Minaj may have you wondering, “Who’s that girl?”

Indeed, the “Super Bass” singer, 31, has ditched her trademark colorful hairstyles and wild makeup in favor of a more ladylike style for The Other Woman premiere in Los Angeles on April 21 and at the MTV Movie Awards on April 13.

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Since splitting with her main wig man, Terrence Davidson, in January 2013, Minaj has worn mainly blonde hairstyles. “I started working with her early last year β€” the reason she reached out to me is because Tyra Banks had given her my number,” celeb hairstylist, Oscar James, told Cosmopolitan.com. “She wanted a more toned-down look, and I think that’s why she reached out to Tyra. So I created that wavy, super-blonde hair with the dark roots β€” the wig.”

While the blonde wigs were a step to a more natural look, James says Minaj has since totally ditched the wigs. “Now she’s wearing her real hair,” the celeb stylist, who also works with Halle Berry and Beyonce, said. “So I just follow her lead. When she would ask me, ‘Well, what do you think I should do?’ I usually bring things that are a little more stylized because I feel like that’s who she is, but, surprising even to me, she’s been leaning toward even more natural. She wants to do less. Just less, less, less.”

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