OMG Is That Her Hair?! Our Top 5 Natural Looking Wig Tutorials

OMG Is That Her Hair?! Our Top 5 Natural Looking Wig Tutorials

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Hey Queens!

Okay, so I have to be honest. I have never been a fan of wigs because for one, I have always had this fear that it was going to fall off of my head in public and two, I have always felt like they didn’t look natural.

When I want to add a little “sum thin-sum thin” to add length and volume to my hair, I always choose a weave because I know that I will be able to blend my natural hair for the most authentic look.

But lately, I have come across these front-lace wigs that look so natural and they serve as a great protective style.  My opinion of wigs have definitely changed, and I want to show you some videos of some fabulous YouTube vloggers, with a wig game that is definitely on fleek!

Would you ever wear a wig? If you have what has your experience been like?










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