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Organic vs. Non-Organic

Why Organic?

You want to know the truth about your non-organic crops? Truthfully, the pesticides use are even bad for you. Not getting the full amount of nutrients in your produce is another reason. I was shocked just as much as you guys will be when researching organic and non organic crops. Like the late poet and author, Maya Angelou once said, “When you know better, do better.” Does the look and the fullness really matter or getting the full amount of nutrients matters most? I’ll let you guys decide. Below I’ve listed a few sources where you can find out more about the truth in today’s produce.

You would think the cost of pesticides would increase the prices of produce but actually it’s an investment for non-organic farmers. The fruit last longer and stay attractive to sell! Dr. Andrew Weil, works along a non profit organization Environmental Working Group (EWG). This organization “advocates for policies that protect global and individual health.” In Dr. Weil’s article “Foods You Should Always Buy Organic” he explains the foods that consumers should always buy organic not only for your health but because as consumers we can demand the most common fruits and vegetables to be more safe. He mentions a group of fruits and vegetables called the “The Dirty Dozen” which contains the highest in pesticides to avoid. And on a budget tip, he also has another article on foods you don’t have to buy organic which is the “Clean 15.”


The Organic Trade Association gives you ten quick and good reasons why you should go organic. There are such reasons as to safety all the way to global climate change. Author Guy Dauncey on EarthFuture.com also gives you similar reasons but more of a gritty look to why organic is better. These are both great resources to better understand how pesticides have a strong association with cancer, strokes, and any other illness. When you buy organic you’ll be helping out the eco system by saving the wildlife, the soil, global climate change, and most importantly the human race.Β  Read up!



Picture above gets straight to the point via npr.gov.

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