Pickin’ it with Afro Picks (hot new product)

Pickin’ it with Afro Picks (hot new product)

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Afro Picks was founded by the Nottingham, UK based trio, sisters
Gemma and Nicola Gilzeane and Nicola’s partner Joe Dakin. Gemma
and Nicola are of mixed European-Jamaican heritage, whilst Joe is of
a European-Bajan descent. The company was created from their
recognition of a huge need, from both a personal and shared view,
for a quality afro hair care product range that has a vested interest in
providing detailed information and guidance, and wide-spread
availability to its consumers…members of the movement!With experience and backgrounds ranging across, research,
product development, marketing and supply, Gemma, Nicola and
Joe have one clear vision, to present widely available premium
products accompanied by first-rate information.
Afro Picks have launched with Every-Oil, a multi-use, gold elixir
as versatile as the hair.Made entirely from natural oils, Every-Oil can
be used as a daily moisturising oil, a scalp oil,
a hot oil treatment, an intensive conditioner and a sealant.
Containing a blend of high-quality oils, rich in anti-oxidants,
polyphenols and essential fatty acids, Afro Picks Every-Oil is a
lightweight oil which will seal moisture into the hair shaft
without weighing it down. Using oils like Camellia Oil famously
used by the Japanese Geishas to give softness and shine, and
Sesame Seed oil, Afro Picks have created an oil with added resilience
to UV, to hydrate dry and damaged hair.
After launching towards the end of 2013 Afro Picks and Every-Oil
received a great reception. The team were invited on two separate
occasions onto influential community radio station, Kemet fm, to
discuss the brand and their products in detail.Just prior to Christmas Afro Picks Every-Oil was featured in prominent
London based black feminine magazine Afro Noire ending the year
with a glowing review.Further features and reviews have followed in 2014, including an
appearance on BBC Radio Leicester and features in two of the most
prominents Afro Hair magazines in the UK and Europe, Black Beauty
& Hair and Pride Magazine. Afro Picks is continuing to gain
momentus interest.
Our aim is quite simple, to help revolutionise the Afro Hair
world!We aspire to enhance the quality of Afro Hair products, putting
them on a level playing field with European products. We see
the future of Afro hair products stacking the shelves of leading
high street retailers with a solid availabilty and choice of quality
products, not just in the UK but all over the globe. All
accompanied by a wealth of knowledge, advice and guidance.
We see a future where nobody with black or mixed hair will have
uncertainty over their hair type, how to care for it, inspiration for
styling it, or just the beauty of it!Over the years to come Afro Picks will continue to work hard to
develop and expand our product range, being at the forefront
of research for new and innovative products to help care for
healthy hair and treat damaged hair. We will continue to expand
our hub of knowledge, sharing all of our secrets with YOU, and
continuously aim to reach out to those who find themselves
isolated…and you won’t have to find us, we will find you!We are Afro Picks pioneering your afro hair movement…

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