Poppin’ Tags to Change your Style

Poppin’ Tags to Change your Style

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Millennials today have taken to thrift shopping as an inexpensive way to improve their wardrobe. This is the perfect way to create a personal style without breaking the bank. In order to maximize your spending, thrifting takes skill, a keen eye, and patience.

For those overwhelmed by the endless, unorganized racks at your local thrift shop, here are some tips to keep in mind.

If you can’t sew or alter clothes, don’t buy things that require you to do so. Sometimes you’ll find clothing that you’ll envision looking a different way. However, if you’re not capable of making the alterations yourself, they will most likely never get done. 1330145876IMG_7565

Always buy your accessories, t-shirts and jean jackets at thrift shops. Stores tend to overprice these things and they are typically of poorer quality.

Don’t hesitate on buying designer things you like. When you come across designer accessories or clothing while thrifting, the fashion gods are on your side. If you like it, purchase it sooner rather than later. Or you’ll definitely regret not having it.

Have a goal. Thrift shops are notorious for having loads of zany things. Don’t fall into the trap of buying things that you won’t ever actually wear.

Now go and thrift to your heart’s content!

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