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Protective Style 101: Front Lace Box Braids! (Ladies Get In HERE!!)


I came across this hot new protective style product last night, and I was so excited, and amazed that I just had to share with you.

For years, we have subjected our selves to the long hours, and the pulling and tugging of getting our hair braided.  I know I am not the only one who has spent any where from 6-10 hours in the beauty salon to achieve a look that I wasn’t going to keep for long, and that was so tight that I sometimes had headaches for days until it loosened up.

It seems that hair companies have begun to feel our pain, because they are now beginning to make wigs to achieve the same style.

Yes I said WIGS!!! lol


I know you’re probably thinking that I am crazy for even suggesting this idea, but a lot of the units look very natural, and it is a great alternative to prevent the unhealthy stress that braids sometimes place on our hair follicles. The units also come with baby hair for a more natural look (which I thought was so hilarious, and amazing), and you can also experiment with different styles.

The only concern that I would have is the glue that is used to secure the unit.


If you still don’t believe me, check out this video done by “HERSTYLEYO” and let me know your thoughts after viewing.

Watch the video HERE


Instragram: @RaisingTwoKings


Here are some sites where the units are offered (I’m sad they took down the website where she got her’s from):

1. Braided Wigs (Click HERE)

2. Kaylis International (Click HERE)

3. Zury Sis Afro (Click HERE)

Would you try a front-laced braided unit? Comment Below


Malia Brown



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