Raven Taylor Tells All On “How To Survive Being A Black Girl”

Raven Taylor Tells All On “How To Survive Being A Black Girl”

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“Always remember that you are a black girl, and everyday you exist in your body without apologizing is activism.” – Raven Taylor

While performing in the 2014 National Poetry Slam semi-finals, Raven Taylor gives a lesson in strength to black girls. In her passionate spoken word performance, Taylor speaks on what it’s like to be a black girl and advises on how to navigate through daily struggles and microaggressions.

She demands that black women embrace their blackness as a source of power and use that power to hold onto oneself.

I promise it’s worth a listen.

Zakyree Wallace

Hey y'all! My name is Zakyree Wallace, and I am a staff writer, soon to be assistant editor, at Natura Magazine. I’m passionate about mindfulness, learning more about feminine energy, and the history and lasting effects of racism and capitalism in our society. While I’m currently a sophomore at UNC-CH studying African American and Women and Gender Studies, I’m excited to leave my student days behind and embrace learning non-traditionally.

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