#SayHerName: Black Women Face Police Brutality Too!

#SayHerName: Black Women Face Police Brutality Too!

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Trayvon Martin. Mike Brown. Eric Garner.  Tamir Rice. Freddie Gray.  and countless other African -American men who have gained the media’s attention, and those who haven’t, are the force behind the “Black Lives Matter” movement.  

For years, black voices have been silenced and overlooked when it came to the injustice experienced by the hands of police officers, but with the help of social media, and citizen journalists, the world is now able to see the brutality for themselves.

Recently, there has been a lot of coverage in the media on the black men who have been killed by police officers, which also inspired the Save Our Boys movement, but this coverage has overshadowed another group that has also been affected by police brutality.


The #SayHerName movement brings awareness to all of the African-American women that have been killed by police officers. AAPF/ Mia Fermindoza



#SayHerName is a campaign/movement  that works to promote and bring attention to African-American women who have been killed by police officers.  We talk about saving our black men all the time, but what about our women? Why isn’t it publicized that they experience injustice as well?

Rachel Gilmer, associate director of the African American Policy Forum, says the reason black women’s stories are excluded from the discussion is simple.

“Across the board, all the way up from the White House’s My Brother’s Keeper initiative down to the grassroots movements that we’ve seen rise in this country in response to state violence, men and boys are seen as the primary target of racial injustice,” she says. “This has led to the idea that women and girls of color are not doing as bad, or that we’re not at risk at all.”

According to an article written by Yahoo News, African-American women are three times more likely to be imprisoned than Caucasian women, and young black girls are six times more likely to be suspended from school than white girls.  From an early age the deck is already stacked against black girls with the risk of poverty, sexual assault and incarceration, making them a target as well.

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