Short, Sleek and Sexy

Short, Sleek and Sexy

150 150 Natural Styles By Lisa

You don’t have to do the “Big Chop” to begin your natural hair journey, but if your ready to make a fierce transition and be free of relaxers once and for all, here is one of the styles that is beautiful on clients.

It’s a short tapered cut styled with Kera Cares natural hair products.   For this style I used their curl defining custard, but their styling gel can also be used to achieve this look.

Natural Styles By Lisa

Lisa Fuller is the owner of Styles By Lisa Of Beverly Hills, A natural hair salon that specializes in bringing out the beauty of natural hair. Lisa has worked in the hair industry for over 12 years. Most known for her signature pressing technique called "The California Press", She is also the publisher of, a natural hair magazine that inspires and educates women on their natural hair.

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