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Stressed Out? Overworked? Try Fasting!

When you think of fasting, Fad diets like the lemonade fast or the also popular raw food fast may come to mind. But  while these fast may cleanse your body of toxins and stored waste ,fasting for the purpose of “a spiritual cleanse” can produce results that are just as life changing, and possibly longer lasting.

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Fasting is a practice that has been around for centuries. Many holy books including The Bible and The Quran speak of fasting as a necessary process every human being should integrate into their lives. But even if you don’t identify with a particular religion, a spiritual fast can get rid of some of the untamed emotions and issues that may be eating away at you subconsciously , causing you to find distress in your daily life.

The Purpose

We go through life with thousands of responsibilities and relationships to try and keep in order, along with dealing with our emotions and desires and sometimes keeping too much focus on one can cause you to feel like your in a rut. It’s normal to have these feelings of being, being to overworked and never settling down or maybe just floating through life with no purpose. This takes away from our quality of living and can lead to a chronic feelings of emptiness that you may try to fill by “escaping” into things such as television,food,smoking, or any other indulgence. These escapes while they make us happy and numb from the problem for a short amount of time aren’t going to solve the true problems we are facing.

The Process

When choosing what to fast and for how long, don’t think of things that you know you would directly impact your success. For example fasting from using your cell phone, or watching television for 40 days and nights, may not be a logical goal to set for yourself. Instead trying something like no Instagram for 3 days or not watching more than just your favorite shows on TV for a week. During the times when you’d normally do those things, or when the urge to cheat comes, meditate to yourself. Remember that you are doing this to find balance in your life, ypu can give up something you desire in order to put time into your self.

 The Point

Fasting is defined as “an act of willing abstinence or reduction from certain practice for the purpose of revelation or change.” Taking away these escapes,  can allow you the time and thought space to focus on your inner balance and your outer impact on the world. Focus on your life and the thing that you are thankful for. Giving up things such as food or music, will allow you to appreciate it more once you’ve had a break from it.

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 The Profit

Many people believe in Karma and all it really is, is asking your self am I a good person. What things may I be doing to be a bad person? And how can I be a better person? Not just because you say you are but because you believe you are. Taking the time to figure yourself out and giving up something that you thought you depended is a change of your spiritual temple. When you fast for the specific reason of making a change in the direction of being better, well that you can consider to be a HUGE Karma boost.

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