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That One Time I Visited 2014 Forest Hills Dr. (Hey J. Cole!)

Hey Queens!

Okay, so last weekend I went to Fayetteville, NC for the first time EVER to visit my boyfriends’ sister and brother-in- law. I had a great time relaxing by the pool, chatting about life and everything it has to offer and eating some bomb barbecue!

Fayetteville was pretty much everything that I envisioned it to be. It is a huge military city, with armed guards and the whole 9.

I spent three days there, and on the last day it hit me that we HAD to visit the place where Fayette-Nam’s finest, J. Cole, lived.

And, it wasn’t that hard to find!


On our way there, my boyfriend insisted that we listen to the album because it wouldn’t be right if we didn’t.. right? lol ( We are so corny)

In my mind I was like… I’m going to sit in the exact position that he did on his album cover, on the roof of the house, so I can flex for the GRAM! My did that dream come to a halt.. quickly!

When we got there the house was fenced in with private property signs, and cameras to ensure that no one tried to hop the fence.  So, me and boo kindly positioned ourselves on the street in front of the gate to avoid any problems.

Check out the flicks below

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J. Cole gives us a tour of 2014 Forest Hills Dr. Check it out below!




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