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The Notorious Natural Hair Doll Experiment!



Via NaturallyCurly

When I did the Black Doll Test last year, I already knew what the outcome was going to be. Why? The same issues within the black community that existed when Dr. Kenneth and Mamie Clark performed the doll test in 1939 still exist today. During myNatural Hair Doll Experiment on YouTube, the majority of the children chose the straight-haired doll over the kinky-haired doll. I asked the handful of children that chose the kinky, curly-haired doll why they chose that doll and one boy stated,  “it looks like my mama’s hair” and the other children had similar answers. This leads me to believe that if a children see that something is acceptable and beautiful due to the influence of their parents, they are likely to share the same sentiment.


Society is always going to have influence, but it is up to the parents to reverse the brainwashing that children get from television, magazines, and the ideals of their friends. Friends can be the absolute worst sometimes. Oftentimes young girls will try to fit the ideal of what their male counterparts deem attractive. Not only do children watch what we do, but they also listen to what we say so always be mindful of your words; even when you’re in another room on the phone and you don’t think your children are listening. Saying “her hair is so nappy” or “he is too black” with a tone of disgust will teach them that those characteristics aren’t desirable. If a child has features remotely close to what you’ve deemed unattractive, they will grow up self-conscious about them. Reversing society’s conditioning is a hefty task, but someone’s got to do it.

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