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The Real ‘Scandal’? Olivia Pope’s Hair

by Amy Klein

I was so worried when Olivia Pope, heroine of ABC’s Scandal got kidnapped at the beginning of the year. How would D.C.’s fictional fix-it lady survive this nefarious plot? Moreover, how would her hair survive?

Kerry Washington’s Pope has always been the beacon of fashion, in her black and white – or all-white – ensembles. And her sleek, straight hair is usually as tightly controlled as she is, the epitome of cool (save her quivering bottom lip). But what would happen to her mane in captivity?


Locked up in an unknown country, her fancy clothes were of course gone, and soon too, was her fancy blowout….Or whatever is done to her hair to make it so well behaved. For a second it was frazzled, like an electric socket. But then it was curly. As in, really curly, springing up to her shoulders. But not the kind of ‘do most of us sport in such dire circumstances: it was a good kind of curly, one without frizz, one that would probably take a ton of product and quite a few stylists to achieve.

We’ve seen Pope curly before—briefly, at the beginning of the season, when she decamped to an isolated island with one of her love interests. There she had beautiful springy tresses, despite the fact that she was lying on the beach (hello, humidity!), and it was quickly tamed into submission as soon as she returned to D.C.


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