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The Scale Plays Tricks

It’s the middle of the summer and you may be still trying to reach those fitness goals. You’re on the right track by following meal plans and working out on a consistent basis. To sum it up, you’re doing everything right but when you step on the scale it doesn’t seem to be reaping rewards. Can you trust the scale or nah? I’m here to tell you, nah. Don’t let the scale validate your approval of your results. You may only trust the scale if you’re goal is to drop pounds by losing body fat with plenty of cardio.

There are a few factors that needs to be considered before stepping on the scale. One is that muscles weigh more than fat. Five pounds of muscles doesn’t look or feel the same as five pounds of fat because muscles are more dense. Matter of fact, you can weigh yourself before and after your fitness journey and weigh the same amount but yet you look slimmer with lean muscles, sculpted shape, feel light, and everything else good for the body. Another factor is as for women, their bodies goes through quite dramatic changes throughout the month which may also has an effect on your weight gain or loss. So if you’re a woman, don’t get discourage from your weight fluctuating up and down. Just keep doing the right things for your body and good results will come and continuously happen. Rachel Waymire from theeverygirl.com talks about this in A Numbers Game: Why Your Weight Shouldn’t Matter. In further detail, she will give you the scoop on why the scale plays tricks.

Within your diet, learn the difference between healthy and bad fats.Each body has their own personal needs in order to transform the way it suppose to. Some people intake more healthy fats and gain ten pounds but yet that’s what they needed to feel energize and keep the tempo going for their metabolism. You know what is also important through all of this? Sleep. Eating nutrient rich foods increases your sleep quality and while you’re asleep your body is transforming into the body you desire. You see how everything connects? Get a good amount of sleep each day and watch your body transform.


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