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Tired of Nappy !!!!!! (Natural Tales)


This past weekend  I had to give a tour around my University’s campus to some high school students who were on a 7-day college excursion.  As usual I was excited to meet the students, and show them why I love my school and what  the university could offer them.  But a conversation with one of the Chaperones disturbed me, and inspired this post.  I’m always talking about Natura to people, and sharing advice and information in order to help women manage and accept their natural hair.  In having a conversation with this gentleman and explaining the purpose of the magazine, he immediately interrupted me and said..” Oh  natural! like when those women wear their hair in those nappy styles”!! I was so irritated and angry, not just by his statement but because a lot of people associate natural hair with a negative connotation, such as NAPPY!!  


And you know what .. that’s exactly why I do what I do. I’m tired of people making being natural seem so terrible. For years we as women have been held under the constraints of society’s view of beauty, and up until recently naturally textured hair was not in that vision.  If it kills me, I will continue to make it my mission to create a platform for women of color to express themselves and embrace the beauty of their natural hair and skin.  Deciding to be natural is not a death sentence, its an asset of your true self.

Embrace it. Love it. Accept it.

… and if someone ever says your hair is nappy, just tell them ” my hair isn’t nappy, its just overly curly”

Have you ladies ever had a situation similar to this.. or worse? I would love to hear about it




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