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Dont Stress Out

Stress affects all of us on a variety of degrees throughout our lives. Whether its school, work, relationships, or the dreaded bad hair day frustration is bound to occur. But when it comes to how much stress affects our Mind, Body, and Soul we may want to take a second to de-stress, so we aren’t totally distressed.

via Weheartit.com/hayrayxxi
via Weheartit.com/hayrayxxi


Over thinking can be a killer on your brain, and sometimes it may feel like our thoughts create a bigger monster than the actual situation at hand.1,001 problems racing though your head can be very overwhelming.


Ā According to webmd.comĀ “Up to 90% of Doctors visits Ā are for stress-related ailments and complaints. AndĀ 43% of adults suffer from adverse health due to stress, which can include ;Ā headaches, high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes, skin conditions, asthma, arthritis, depression, and anxiety.”


Anxiety is a reaction to things not going as expected, leaving us with the feeling of confusion which results in feeling stressed out. But a spirit of worry is not something we are born with, or that is productive in having a positive outlook on life. This can become serious when taken out on our family, friends and most importantly ourselves.

via Weheartit.com/hayrayxxi
via weheartit.com/hayrayxxi

So what’s the solution? Well there’s a Few…


Take a few minutes out of your morning or evening schedule to turn off all electronics and sit in silence not thinking about anything in particular. Just breathing in and out focusing on how blessed you are to be able to take these breaths. Think about the things that make you happy, that make you special, or that you never could have imaged achieving, no matter how big or small.


Be your own therapist, the easiest person to vent to is yourself. Get a cute notebook, maybe one with an uplifting scripture on the front and just let it all out holding nothing back. Don’t try and force yourself to write in it everyday, but place it somewhere that catches your eye. You’ll feel a lot better afterwards and when you go back and read it a few weeks later, your problem may have even dissolved.

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Simply Escape

If your truly stressed out, and you feel like it’s taking a toll on your life then maybe your in need of a little vacation or maybe…a stay-cation. Rent your favorite movie or explore someĀ Make yourself a super delicious breakfast something you love!Ā Eat it in bed while watching your favorite movie or explore some new ones on Netflix (maybe try a kids movie or a stand up comedy.) Get out of bed an take a Hot bath or shower to your favorite CD. Put on your favorite outfits, and then have your own little photo-shoot. Then dance like music will be gone tomorrow an just act plain silly! End your stay-cation off with your favorite ice-cream and climb back into bed and veg out for the rest of the day.

via Weheartit.com/hayrayxxi

A little stress is inevitable,but staying organized,taking time out for yourself as well as being grateful for everything you already have can defiantly ease your mind.

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