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Tools Of The Trade: Natural Hair Combs


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Learning how to manage your natural tresses can be a real task when you have to weed through hundreds of natural hair care products, tools, and websites that all have different perspectives on what methods work for certain hair types.

As you know, there are staple hair products, and tools that every naturalista should have to maintain her hair. As simple as it may seem, having a good comb (styling tool) can make the difference between a horrific and a smooth detangling experience– among other things.

Not every comb is best for your hair type, and/or styling method.  Each comb has a unique purpose, and effect on the outcome of your style.

To help you navigate and learn the “Tools of The Trade,” we have created a guide that will assist you in choosing the right styling tool to achieve your desired results.

Check out our comb guide from our latest fall issue on page 23

What are your favorite styling tools? Comment below 🙂



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