Tuesday Review: My Favorite Lipstick

Tuesday Review: My Favorite Lipstick

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Today I wanted to share one of my “old faithful” products with you. It’s my secret weapon for a perfectly finished face and I ALWAYS get compliments about it.

Ready for it?!



Take your lips to the next level with Infallible® Le Rouge. This revolutionary and innovative formula delivers bold, luscious color that lasts all day long, making it the ultimate beauty indulgence. Infallible® Le Rouge Lipcolour offers up to 10 hours of vivid, hi-definition colour and shine, while hydrating Vitamin E keeps your lips moist and comfortable. Discover the truest color payoff in a creamy, conditioning base.


$6.99-$9.99 (dependent upon where it’s purchased)

I have been using this lipstick for a long time now and it never let’s me down. It truly never fails, so the name is no joke.

I’m always on the hunt for products with tremendous staying power. I’m one of those girls who does NOT like touchup’s. I mean I’m all for spending 30 minutes on my face in the morning, getting it just the way I like it, but after that, It had BETTER NOT MOVE. If a product does move, it’s gotta go. I don’t do “powdering my nose” because I literally never have time for that. I’m on the go as soon as I walk out the front door.

This lipstick is perfect for those of you out there who are like me. If you want a lipstick that won’t budge until you scrub it off, THIS is the product to try. People always ask me what I’m wearing after they see me eating, drinking, and doing whatever else I want with my lipstick staying fabulous the whole day through. The color is vibrant and stays true as long as you want it to.

So give it a try soon ladies. You won’t be disappointed. I swear it on my honor as a beauty lover! My favorite colors are:

Ravishing Red


Forever Fuschia



What do you think?

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