Typical Vixen presents Natural or Nah

Typical Vixen presents Natural or Nah

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TypicalVixen.com, is a monthly editorial and blog I created in order to promote my mission that “All girls are pretty. All girls are worth it. All girls should know it.” We promote this mission by interviewing 12 girls on a variety of Hot Topics every 21st of the month including topics such as; Body Transformation, Love, Spring Break, Marijuana, and most recently “Natural or Nah” a look at what it means to be “natural” in terms of hair, food, personality, and skin, allowing them to show that beauty is more than just a pretty face, but also #PrettyThoughts.

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The idea for this Hot Topic came from our past Vixen of the Month, Willecia Stubbs, who stated that she feels being natural can also mean having chemically treated hair, and questioned the intentions of some young women’s natural journey, as we have seen an uprising of the naturalista movement on our campus of Florida A&M University. So I centered our Hot Topic around what natural means, from the perspective of more than just hair, and decided to see what other girls define as “natural.”

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My favorite part of doing the Hot Topic’s are hearing all the opinions from the girls, and seeing just how similar, and different we think as women from all across the nation. Here’s a sample of a few of my favorite answers…

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As you can see, we all define being natural in different ways, but what’s most important in my opinion, is that you always are your “natural self,” meaning you don’t pretend to be anyone or believe in anything that truly doesn’t make you feel good or like yourself. At Typical Vixen we are striving to give girls a place to show that beauty is more than just a pretty face, but also pretty thoughts, and we believe that a natural beauty comes in every form.

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Hailey Ray

Aloha! I am Hailey Ray, Junior Public Relations Student at Florida A&M University,19 years young, from "The City Beautiful" Orlando,FL. Last year I made a Semi-Chop and cut off all my damaged hair. Though I am still addicted to the creamy crack, I love writing about beautiful curl girls :) I run a Website called TypicalVixen.com, all about Pretty Girls + Hot Topics, working to instill our mission "All Girls are Pretty. All Girls are Worth It. All Girls should Know It." As well as a blog chronicling my life as an urban christian women called "Don't Bite The Apple Eve" or (DBTAE), and a current event news blog called "She Knows It All" (Shenoit) I enjoy all the simple pleasures being a Pretty Southern Girl, Beach, Sun, Fun, but most importantly being a classy lady :) I hope to one day start a foundation and modeling agency as an extension of typicalvixen.com and our mission.

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