What Brushes Do You Really Need In Your Makeup Bag?

What Brushes Do You Really Need In Your Makeup Bag?

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If you’ve ever taken a trip to a makeup counter, or watched any makeup tutorials on YouTube, you know that there are a variety of brushes that makeup artists use to do different things. There are brushes for contouring, applying foundation, shading eyebrows, and the list goes on.


If you keep up with my posts, you may have read about my money-saving tip of using paintbrushes as makeup brushes (you can read it here http://www.urbansocialtv.com/paint-brushes-for-your-face if you haven’t already). However, one thing that makeup newbies may want to know is “what makeup brushes do I really need”…well, Kiana is here to answer this question for you!


While there are many brushes available for makeup application, unless you’re a makeup artist, you will probably never need or know how to use many of them. Also, you’ll find that many brushes can be used for several different tasks; for example, I use my eye shadow blending brush to contour my nose. Contouring is obviously one of those makeup skills that a makeup newbie may not be ready to tackle, but for basic makeup application, here is my suggested list of brushes that you must have in your makeup bag (based off of the ones in my own makeup bag).


1. If you wear foundation, you’ll definitely need a foundation brush. I use MAC’s 187 Duo Fibre Face Brush


2. If you’re interested in trying to define your eyebrows, I would suggest using the 266 small angle brush, which is what I use in addition to an eyebrow pencil, and MAC’s “Clear Brow Finisher” (which I’ll be reviewing next week).


3. For basic eye shadow application, you’ll need a 239 Eye Shader Brush, and for blending out your eye shadow, you’ll need a 224 Tapered Blending Brush.

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4. Finally, if you wear liquid foundation like I do, and would like to “set” your foundation with a powder, I would recommend the 134 Large Powder Brush. When I get into bronzers in a later post, I’ll explain that you can also use this same kind of brush to apply bronzers.


Note: I’ve supplied you with a list of some of the brushes in my bag; however, I’ve also provided you with pictures because you can easily get these brushes elsewhere for much cheaper. I am very aware of the fact that not everyone can afford MAC, but I have now equipped you with a guide so that you can seek out these brushes on your own, at a much more affordable price. Also, if I find similar brushes anywhere else, I’ll be sure to provide an update!


As I’ve said, the list of makeup brushes can go on, and on, and as new techniques are created, new brushes are created along with them. However, the basic list of brushes above should provide any of my makeup newbies with a good starting point.


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