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What is a Co- Wash ?

“What is a Co-Wash… and how is it different from my normal shampoo process” ?

Im new to this whole Co- Wash technique, so I did some research on what its all about and

the effects that it will have on my hair.

What is a  Co- Wash?

Co- washing is the process of using a conditioner to cleanse your hair instead of a shampoo.

What is the purpose of doing a Co- Wash?

Using shampoos to cleanse your hair on a regular basis, can cause dry, hard to manage hair.

By using a good co- wash, you can add moisture to your hair in between regular shampoos,

creating softer, healthier, moisturized hair.

How often should you Co- Wash?

Once or twice a week in between your regular weekly shampoo, in order to refresh your curls.

What are the benefits of a Co- Wash?

It allows you to refresh your hair, so that your curls stay moisturized and defined.

What are the disadvantages of doing a Co-Wash?

You have to be careful not to cause product buildup by overlapping products. Make sure that

are thoroughly rinsing out your shampoos and even the Co- Wash to prevent this.  If you

don’t properly rinse out your hair, you will notice that your curls won’t look there best ! You

want to try and get conditioners that are light, moisturizing, and easy to wash out.  Make

sure you stay away from conditioners that have protein in them !

Here are some products that are great for Co- Washing ..



Kera Care cleansing cream sulfate free moisturizing curl wash 





Ouidad Curl Co-Wash sulfate free


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