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Yeah Im Natural…. But I Get Bored With My Hair Easily !!


As naturals, we feed into this stigma that the only options we have for hairstyles  are wash-and-go’s or unkept, unmanaged looks. And that is far…. far… from the case!!! Don’t get me wrong I love the convenience of just wetting my hair and throwing some product in it, but I must say I get bored with my hair often. Sometimes Im super pumped about rocking my TWA, then I get bored and get into my Moesha phase where I want to wear braids, then I get tired of that and start feeling my inner Beyonce, and I want long silky hair to my butt.  Thank the Lord !! that my mother does hair, because if she didn’t  my ” hot-and-cold” hair obsession would be putting a major hole in my pocket.  The beauty of being natural, is having the ability to experiment with different hairstyles and colors (safely of course), without being restrained to one set look.  Our hair is so versatile and unique… why wouldn’t you want to try new looks?  Here are some of my favorite styles to rock to change up my look !

Curlies, what are your favorite natural hair styles to rock?



I love love love Box Braids!!!!! They are a great protective style if your trying to grow your hair out, and they offer a variety of different looks. I normally only keep my braids in for about 2 months, just because by that time its time for a good shampoo and conditioner, and they become progressively frizzy after a while. Its really hard to thoroughly wash your hair with braids without messing them up, so I usually mix together Cedarwood,Eucalyptus,Lemongrass,and Rosemary, in order to remove the buildup off of my scalp (* because the oils are so thick you should mix them with distilled water in a spray bottle) . As far as upkeep, make sure that you tie your braids down with a scarf, and make sure that your braider doesn’t pull too hard on your edges.



Oh how I love Twist outs!!! They’re so funky  and cute!!

.. For me because I have a TWA.. I usually have to blow dry my hair so that I can have some length, and then I usually twist it with either Kera Care ” Twist & Define Cream” or Jane Carter “Twist & Lock”.









Updo’s are the perfect style for when your going to a formal event … I always like them because they are super classy, and each style is so unique.










Oh hey now!! Thats me !!! I just love my Diana Ross hair honey, its so fun and full of life. The brand of hair that I get for this style is from the Bohemian Collection,and the texture is “Brazilian Wave”







These are some of  my favorite styles.. What styles do you ladies like to rock?





What do you think?