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Your Body is a Genius

Pause. For 30 seconds draw your focus inward, shutting out all outside distractions. Take 3 deep breaths – in and out – and listen.

What did you hear your body telling you? Could it be that your body is craving physical activity? Is your belly telling you that it is content, even though the time on the clock indicates “lunch time”. Or is your head screaming for some quality sleep, rather than another cup of coffee?

Our bodies are incredible machines, yet, we very seldom give them credit for their hard work or take the time to listen to the important messages they are tying to communicate. I, too, am guilty of this, but I recently had a moment of clarity where I could hear my body loud and clear.

 – The Wisdom From Within –

I was recently in DC on business, and was exploring the region with my mouth, which is usually the case. Crab cakes, artisanal veggies bathed in butter, farm-to-table comfort food, breads-on-breads-on-bread, cocktails – you name it! Oh, and can I see the dessert menu? These glutinous efforts were proud moments, thoroughly documented on Instagram.

Turkish Delight from Zaytinya
Turkish Delight from Zaytinya

My palette and mind were quite satisfied, having eaten my way up and down the city. On the eve of my last day there, I laid food-drunk in bed, planning my last days’ nosh adventure. For a moment, my mind came to a halt and a brave voice from within screamed, “enough!”. I momentarily questioned this authority who had the nerve to encroach on my foody undertaking.

But I listened anyway. This wise voice from within continued on to tell my how exhausted she was. She was tired of the rich foods, the Oprah Chai Tea, and the crappy expo snacks. She was exhausted and needed my help; she needed me to pull it together so that she could do her job of keeping me healthy.

I listened and I understood what I needed to do. That moment, I dialed up my boyfriend back home and told him I needed to go on a three day juice detox. As somebody who is very in touch with his body, he did not hesitate for a moment and ensured me that the fridge would be stocked when I got home.

Giving my body a break.

On my last day back in DC, I soothed my body with herbal teas.I filled it with organic, whole foods. And I promised it that we I would take care to ensure that she had the best tools to do her job.

I am now on day 3 of my detox and my body is thanking me – mind you, this is something I have never done before. If fact, I am feeling so rejuvenated, I am continuing my detox for a few more days to give my body the R&R that it so desperately was craving.

– Finding Your Genius –

Listening to your body is challenging feat because we live in a world where the external stimulants often dominate over our internal needs. We receive mixed messages about when we should and should not listen to our body. For example, I am taking a boxing class and every time I reach the point of exhaustion, my coach tells me that it is all in my head. (Well, maybe, but my arms seriously hurt.) And maybe that is because we tend to listen to our bodies only when there is a sense of urgency or severe pain. The awful part about that is that we will continue to ignore our bodies

Take time to connect with your body and truly listen.
Take time to connect with your body and truly listen.

until we have pushed ourselves into a place of utter pain, exhaustion, and discomfort.

The easier solution would be to listening to your body now. Take time to check in with my body daily, or, better yet, several times a day. Get to know how your body responds to things rather than just accepting them at face value. Your mind and body are a team, but often times our bodies end up being the underdog, who we don’t often want to work with until times get rough. Wise up and check-in for a better mind and body.


Your body is an incredible, extravagant, and fascinating machine. Share your thoughts below on how you listen to your body.

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